An Italian painter and sculptor born in the early 60’s in a working class neighborhood of Rome, his artwork is deeply influenced by the Eternal City.

His paintings are a multi-sensorial experience. The violent map of colors deliberately recalls the Urban Graffiti Style. Figures and shapes are combined with Roman dialect, old jokes and crossword puzzles.

Sandro’s mixed media technique is often on wood and its derivatives (boards, hardboard, MDF) He also works on heavy cardboard and occasionally on canvas. Starting from a base of water colors, acrylics are added on various layers and then sanded. Finally, Sandro incorporates any combination of pastels, pencils, collage, etc.

The sense of cosmopolitan marginalization resolves itself with the smell of a hot coffee and the reassurance of a familiar view. The artist’s work is exhibited in some prestigious contemporary art galleries and in private collections all over the world.