Anne-Sophie Gilloen’s work is made of sensuality and intuition. She has created a universe filled with poetic fellows, all telling in their way something about moments of life. She particularly enjoys working with coils and slips. People, their emotions, doubts and dreams inspire her. Therefore, her sculptures move in a poetic universe, throwing us back to our most intimate emotions.

Artistic Note

In my work I like to observe the things of everyday life, those to which one passes often without seeing anything.
Personally, I like taking the time to stop with these little things, I observe them, I detail them, I amused to change them context and to shift them. It is here that it is played out, it is there that suddenly poetry can be born.
And poetry is everywhere for who gives the means to perceive

My working technique

I work with coils
I use a stoneware with very fine particles of clay cooked and crushed
When the sculptures are almost dry, I pose slips I made
First kiln: 980 ° c
Then I end the sculpture with an oxide juice (water + manganese)
I clean the sculpture (to remove the excess)
Second kiln: 1240 ° c